On My Way

On My Way was the first music video from WILDER off the album VILLA MYSTIQUE, and it presented a unique challenge for the producers. Since Carmen played all instruments on the track, there was much discussion on how to present the sequences with him playing the song.

One idea presented was to film him playing each instrument one at a time and then edit the scenes together.

Wanting more of a live concert feel to the imagery, this idea was abandoned and WILDER collaborated with NAKED ZOO to learn the song and perform it live on the video.

The lyric represents the story of a professional drag racing friend of Carmen's, a friend whose love interest forced him to choose between racing or the relationship. Racing won.

Violent Passions

This 1989 music video is credited for boosting European record sales after a stint on the SKY Network, and winning the coveted Underground Music Video Award (MUV) in Los Angeles that same year. "This video is what made us 'almost famous'!" muses the vocalist.

"I was flabbergasted...", said Howard Johnson of Kerrang Magazine, as the album and accompanying music video quickly gathered a cult following for the group.

True to the Metal imagery of the time, Violent Passions tells the tale of a wife cheated upon by her Attorney husband, and her decision to end his life ... and that of his lover. Confronting them in a hotel room, it becomes evident the lover didn't know the unfaithful husband was indeed married. The jilted wife has pity upon her and the end of the story offers a bizarre plot twist.

Her Side of Town

Shot in 1989 in tandem with Violent Passions, the footage for this video was lost and forgotten for 18 years. While researching material for this very website, the lost footage was discovered, and WILDER returned to the editing bay to put the video together in its entirety as was story-boarded nearly two decades earlier.

"The challenge here was to try to stay true to the period, and resist the urge to make the final edit appear too current", said Carmen Wilder of the process. "It needed to have that late 80's feel that currently looks a little 'Spinal Tappish' to a lot of people. I had to not care about that. We sure didn't then!"

You be the judge, but this "phoenix" of a music video makes no apologies and retains all the earmarks of a classic, MTV Headbanger's Ball music video.

Knights of Vengeance

Two videos were originally shot to support the WILDER release of A Trinity of Sons. "Tomorrow's Children" and "Knights of Vengeance" were filmed together, and edited as two separate videos. The former was eventually omitted from existence. "The two videos looked too similar", said Carmen Wilder of the decision. "We were trying to be consistent, and instead ended up with basically the same damned video for two songs. So we took the very end of 'Children' and edited it as a finale to 'Knights', and it worked out even better."

"Knights of Vengeance" represents the heaviest of WILDER metal, a progressive journey into virtuosic musicianship and imagery as if shot in hell itself. "It was 120 degrees in the studio when we shot the footage of us playing the song, no AC. It was like hell, we were not acting."