Toys and Dreams 2/1/1981 The first album from Carmen Wilder entitled "Toys and Dreams" was released under the band name HOSTAGE.
This record, though primitively produced in a modest 8-track studio, yielded promising songwriting and foreshadowed what was to come from the Missouri-based recording artist.
Virgin Heart 8/1/1985 This second offering from Carmen Wilder introduced him to guitarist Brent Frazer and drummer James Dillard, a friendship and songwriting team that would go on to produce several WILDER albums.
Virgin Heart was a step closer to the melodic metal that WILDER would later be known for, radio-friendly hard rock.
Villa Mystique 12/1/1987 This solo project was exactly that, with Wilder playing all instruments including drums, guitars, bass, keyboards and all vocals, creating a wall of sound that featured impressive lead guitar work and soaring vocal lines. Heartless 0 A collaboration with guitarist Chuck Downing, "Heartless" was an unreleased EP featuring five songs recorded by Lloyd Littlefield at Shamballa Studio.
The demo featured a cover of Queen's "Death on Two Legs" and WILDER original track "Cry Baby Cry".
Electric Music for Deranged Metallic Girls 11/1/1988 This is the first WILDER "best of" release, and featured songs from the previous three albums and the song "Cry Baby Cry" from the "Heartless" EP Demo.
EMFDMG was to be the last "underground" release by WILDER, after which they would sign an international record contract.
Violent Passions 7/1/1989 This is the first official WILDER album. Distributed and marketed in over 30 countries, the record sold modestly with sales driven by the accompanying music video of the title track.
The album begins a long collaboration with HELLION guitarist Bill Bruce, and assures WILDER a place in the history of Heavy Metal.
A Trinity of Sons 8/1/1991 This forray into progressive rock is the most critically acclaimed WILDER effort. While Bill Bruce toured with HELLION, guitarist Brent Frazier took the lead position and percussionist James Dillard pounded outsome of the best drum tracks the band ever recorded. The concept album offered 15 tracks, and cemented the cult following that Violent Passions established. Sorry My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma 8/1/1992 Karma introduced A&M recording artists The Ozark Mountain Daredevils' guitarist Bill Brown to the WILDER 3-piece lineup of Wilder, Frazier and Dillard. The songwriting aligned itself dead center between the progressive "RUSH" stylings of Trinity and the radio metal of Violent Passions. Produced by Lou Whitney, this is a very powerful WILDER effort. Psychic Pilgrims 9/1/1995 Though released under the band name Psychic Pilgrims, this record is widely considered a WILDER album.
The effort reunites guitarist Bill Bruce from Violent Passions, and is produced by Ardent Sound Studios Pete Matthews. Drummer Pete Generous and Keyboardist Ned Wilkinson join the group to produce WILDER at its best.
Violent Passions 8/1/1998 This late 90's re-release was pressed to meet demands for the record due to a surge in internet buzz about WILDER. Online record distributors requested product, so the remaster was released to satisfy the unexpected new interest. Many fans preferred the original "Tiger Man" album cover (illustrated by Carmen himself) over the reversed image of the actress from the Violent Passions music video. Loud Library 8/1/1998 This 2-disk "best-of" CD set features 28 songs pulled from every WILDER release, even the old demos. It was released in tandem with the re-release of Violent Passions, and sold only through online distributors.
A must-have for every WILDER fan, the package includes all lyrics and extensive liner notes.
Rock in Motion 8/1/1993 This VHS featured four music videos...
1. On My Way
2. Violent Passions
3. Knights of Vengeance
4. Tomorrow's Children
It also included behind the scenes footage entitled "Making The Motion". This VHS is extremely rare and out of print.